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  • A Brief History of the Television Set

    By Mason TV Service

    Television has significantly shaped our culture. It has helped bring families together, provided worldly information, and entertained many. Watching your favorite show with your family is a great pastime that transcends generations. Though it is odd to consider a time when TV service was not available in nearly every home, the truth is that the television is a fairly recent invention.

    TV service began with the first electronic television, which was invented in 1927 by Philo Farnsworth. A year later, it was unveiled to the press, and the first broadcast was sent live on television. Though publicized in the ‘20s, TV sets weren’t officially sold to the public until 1938. In 1948, the first remote was created, called the Tele Zoom. Unlike remotes today, it’s sole purpose was to zoom in on the picture on the television. 

    Color television wasn’t used until 1946, but it was conceptualized long before that. The first colored television set was created by CBS, and the FCC approved it as the standard for color television. Rival RCA was unhappy with the approval, so they created their own colored television models. By 1966, color TV programming was the norm. 

    In 2005, flat screens and HDTVs were introduced. By 2006, they became affordable for most households, but the largest screens remained a luxury item. Televisions continue to evolve today, and no one knows how far they will go. TVs are no longer a luxury item that only the affluent can afford. As they become bigger and better, those with outdated or vintage televisions can rely on TV services to keep their nostalgia alive.

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