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  • Flat Screen TV Repair Experts Share Helpful Wall Mounting Tips

    By Mason TV Service

    If you’ve just removed your brand-new flat screen TV from its box, then you’re likely dreaming about high-quality screenings of the latest football games or on-demand movies. However, before you can enjoy your new TV, you first have to properly mount the device on the wall, which requires a few important steps. According to the flat screen TV repair experts at Mason TV Repair, you should start by determining how high you want to mount your new flat screen on the wall. Serving the residents in West Chester, Ohio, this company is sharing their best tips and advice to help you do this safely.

    Mounting Your New Flat Screen TV

    Before you begin mounting your TV, check the owner’s manual for its specific height and dimensions. Then, you can measure the diagonal length of the TV’s screen, and multiply it by 1.5. This figure will provide an approximate and ideal height to mount the TV. Put a pencil mark on the wall for reference, and then sit down in a chair a few feet away from the TV to get an idea of whether any adjustments are needed.
    flat screen TV repair

    If you do drop or damage your TV, don’t despair. Mason TV Repair specializes in flat screen TV repairs for a wide range of manufacturers. Their professional team has the experience and specialty equipment to repair cracked screens, damaged components and a host of other problems. You can rest assured knowing their team will get the job done right and on time.

    If you’re in need of flat screen TV repairs, then call Mason TV Repair today at (513) 305-4797. For your convenience, a friendly and licensed technician will gladly come to your home to make the repairs on site. To learn more about their other services, including home theater repair, check out their website.

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