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  • How Long LED & LCD TVs Can Last & How to Extend Their Life Span

    By Mason TV Service

    Nearly everyone who has owned a television has experienced the day when the appliance stops working. If this recently happened to you and TV repair isn’t possible, LED and LCD models are the most common replacement options. Of course, you’ll want to get as much use out of your new purchase as possible, so how long can you expect each type to last?


    How long your LED television remains usable depends heavily on setting adjustments and proper care, such as turning the appliance off when you are not watching it. A TV left on despite no one using it reduces the life span in addition to increasing your monthly energy bill. Additional longevity tips include allowing at least four inches of space around the TV’s vents to keep it from getting too hot and damaging the internal parts. You can also adjust the brightness and contrast to “film” or “home” and “standard,” respectively, to reduce daily power output.


    Like LED TVs, LCDs benefit from key adjustments and only using the appliance when you are actually watching it. Lower contrast levels are best to avoid premature picture fading and failure. The most critical component of LCD longevity, however, is its light source. The light stream is responsible for transparency and image quality, and it naturally dims over time. TV repair experts frequently recommend LCD TVs with LED backlighting bulbs because of their consistency, long life, and superior white balance.

    Even the most durable systems may need TV repair periodically. The team at Mason TV Service keeps models young and old in excellent condition. Whether you require LED or LCD TV repair or maintenance such as fan, filter, and lens cleaning, they will handle it. If you live in the West Chester, OH, area, the staff will even come right to you so you don’t have to worry about transportation-related damages. Call (513) 948-0600 to schedule service, or visit their website for more information.

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