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  • TV Repair FAQs: What Happens to Your TV After a Thunderstorm

    By Mason TV Service

    When blue skies turn gray and you hear the rumble of thunder, it’s natural to worry about how the oncoming storm will impact your electronic devices. The staff at Mason TV Repair in West Chester, OH, says several factors contribute to the damage a thunderstorm can leave behind. Here, these local TV repair technicians answer four common questions about Ohio’s frequent thunderstorms and their influence on televisions. 

    TV Repair Team Answers 4 FAQs About Thunderstorm Effects

    Is It Dangerous to Have TVs Plugged in During Storms?

    If a storm is on its way, unplug all electronic appliances before it arrives. Lightning changes electrical current levels and directions, causing potential power surges in anything connected to the grid. Leaving the TV plugged in could be dangerous, causing circuits and wires to melt or catch on fire. 

    Does the Age of the TV Make a Difference?

    The age of your TV has a huge impact on how well it will weather the storm. Older models with cathode ray tubes are vulnerable to electrode damage, which could cause the tube to implode inside the TV. Although newer products don’t have the same coils and wires, a storm can have a negative impact on picture quality and operating speed.

    Can I Use The TV on a Generator?

    A generator is a handy tool if you live in an area prone to seasonal storms. Although you can use it to operate televisions, proceed with caution. Make sure the generator has the appropriate volt wattage to provide a safe connection.

    How Can I Protect My TV Against Storm Damage?

    The best way to protect your TV from potential damage is to unplug it from the wall socket before the storm starts, or to turn off the power strip it’s connected to. You can also switch off the circuit breaker to safeguard other appliances. If you are worried about forgetting or go out of town, install a lightning surge arrester at the power panel. 

    If you need TV repair after a storm or additional electronic repair to improve equipment efficiency and performance, the technicians at Mason TV Repair are committed to providing each client with high-quality solutions to prevent the risk of additional damage. To schedule an at-home service appointment in West Chester or the surrounding area, call (513) 305-4797 today. Visit the TV repair shop online to learn more about their reliable, in-home repair process!

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