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  • TV Service Explains How to Properly Mount Your Flat Screen

    By Mason TV Service

    Oct 23, 2021

    After purchasing the flat-screen television you’ve always wanted, finding the perfect place to put it is the next step. While there are plenty of places to put one inside your home, you want to avoid some common mistakes when you mount your new TV.

    Mason TV Repair, an experienced TV service in West Chester, OH, explains how the following factors play into finding the right position for your flat screen:

    • Height: Many people mount their TV too high, especially flat screens. A high angle increases the likelihood of glare, meaning you’ll have to tilt the screen further down to compensate. A TV service will help you find the right height for optimal viewing.
    • TV Service Distance: The distance you want to be from the TV while watching depends on its size. For screens over 43 inches, you want to be well over five feet away from the screen. For TVs at least 60 inches, that distance jumps to 7.5 to 12 feet.
    • Cable & Power: Sometimes, TV placement depends on proximity to cable hookups and electrical outlets. Make sure the system doesn’t require complicated extension cords, excessive surge protectors, or wires strung across the room. If you update your system with new components, such as a Blu-Ray player or subwoofer, these will require additional outlet space and cord management.
    • Sunshine: Take note of nearby windows and the way the sun will shine through them throughout the day. The sun can damage your TV screen, so avoid putting it in a place where it will be hit by harmful UV rays.

    Still not sure where to mount your new TV? Call Mason TV Repair at (513) 305-4797 to ask questions or set up an appointment. Visit their website to learn more about their TV services.

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